The most effective and gentle method of hair removal! It is worth checking

Sugar hair removal has been used by women in the Middle East for centuries. In the past, Arab women used molten caramel to get rid of hair - this method was called Halaweh. Today he again gains popularity around the world, but in addition to sugar, a special pasta includes a mixture of soothing herbs and lemon juice.

Many women are increasingly turning to this method because it is safe and effective. Great for allergies, people with sensitive and hyperreactive skin, as well as for those who are fighting with varicose veins and bursting capillaries. And importantly, the skin remains smooth up to 3 weeks.

How does sugar paste hair removal?

The applied pasta sticks only to the hair, and not to the skin, which reduces pain. Additional application of cold pasta under the hair and tearing it will reduce burning and irritation of the skin. This method does not require the use of additional substances to cleanse the skin, after hair removal, the remaining pasta is washed off with warm water.


• The desired effect is achieved immediately
• The skin after hair removal is smooth and not sticky
• Hair is removed with roots, do not break during hair removal
• Sugar suppresses the growth of bacteria
• The effect of smooth skin lasts up to 3 weeks
• The procedure does not irritate the skin (possible irritations disappear on the same day)
• It can be performed even if the hair is very short
• Only natural ingredients are used
• Hair grows slower, becomes thinner and lighter
• Regular hair removal can lead to complete hair removal from certain parts of the body
• You can make it yourself at home


• lemon juice in the composition of the paste can lighten the skin
• works better in small areas of the skin
• This is time-consuming
• Hot hair removal sugar paste can cause burns
• cooking sugar paste is quite difficult
• You need to apply paste very accurately

Methods of sugar paste

• Hot method

Place a bowl with sugar paste in a bath with hot water. Apply a dissolved paste with a spatula to the selected part of the body. Glue a strip of fabric to the paste, press and open with an energetic movement.

• Cold method

Tear off part of the pasta from the film or remove it from the box. Remember her in your hands until it becomes soft. Stretch the sticky paste on the selected skin of the skin to approximately 4 cm. Then energetically tear it off. The same piece of pasta can be used again.

How to care for skin after hair removal?

Remove the remaining pastes with warm water. The next step is to moisten the skin correctly with a cream or lotion.

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