TOP-5 best manufacturers of warm floors

If it is decided to make a heating system “warm floor” in the house, it is important to previously decide on the selection criteria. One of them is the manufacturer. Indeed, the service life of the product, the number of repair work depends on how high -quality the products. The following selection will help to choose a brand by the optimal ratio of price, including an overview of the most reliable firms - Russian and foreign. It is distinguished by prolonged guarantees (for example, warming cables have a 20-year guarantee), the quality of materials, as well as the relatively low cost of products: the price of a warm floor from Denmark will be lower than competitors from Germany or South Korea. For those who care There is pleasant news about maintaining humidity in the room: Davy electric floors do not dry air. Another undeniable advantage: in Russia, the company's services are found in many megacities. Rev. Russian brands, the leading positions in the market occupy REXANT and TELOLUKS. The first produces an electric floor for any coating - for tiles, parquet, laminate, stone, linoleum and even carpet. Products manufactured by Rexant are considered reliable and effective. In addition, they are not too expensive. Teplux is also included in the top companies that have earned consumer confidence. Its heating cables, IR covers and heating mats are reliable and high quality. Supporting south Korea is considered good floors from Yunimuti and Kaleo firms. Caleo specializes in the production of film coatings. User reviews confirm the reliability of products. The only defect of the products is the high fragility of the super -thin coating. The thickness of the material is only 0, 4 mm, and requires extremely attentive treatment and neat laying. Compared to Russian analogues, the products of the South Korean brand have a higher cost. The women from the Unimat brand are most often in demand when laying in rooms with high humidity - saunas, baths. Products are leading in popularity among similar ones, including because it has a long 20-year guarantee. Russia's Finland also took root of the Scandinavian brand ENSTO, whose advantage is the material: heating systems that produce Finns can be used in harsh conditions with maximum humidity Or in too dry spaces, used under tiles, as well as under stone floors. The company's products have established themselves as reliable and durable. Yes, and the price range is very wide: there are options for any wallet. The Germaniynametsk manufacturer Rehau produces different options for warm floors: both water and electrical heating systems. The quality of the products is evidenced by dozens of positive reviews on the network. The main advantages of electric floors: high service life and ease of installation. Play for money on an online platform.

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